Ready to take the DEEP DIVE

and discover your authentic self? Ready to become wholeheartedly who you want to be? Ready to identify thoughts and behavior patterns that are no longer serving you? Ready to deconstruct your NOW to reconstruct your NEXT?

You’ll learn how my transformation coaching program will benefit you.


To empower professional women to transform authentically into the woman she wholeheartedly desires to be; by assisting in deconstructing her narrative, identifying patterns that no longer serve her, and reconstructing the life she envisions for herself.

I’m Hope McCoy, LCMHC.

I’m a Transition Life Coach and Licensed Mental Health Therapist. Throughout my career, I have assisted many individuals who have been severely impacted by mental illness, substance abuse, grief, stress, abuse, neglect, infidelity, and a host of other issues.

Many have overcome a lot of their challenges and have been able to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

My TRANSFORMATION program is a 3-month journey designed for those who have done the healing work and are ready to set intentional goals to live authentically. This program is for anyone who desires to UNDO, RECLAIM, and REWRITE their thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and choices that NO LONGER SERVE them. My 3-part framework will guide you on your DEEP DIVE to self-discovery. You will write your own narrative by deconstructing your NOW in order to reconstruct and live out your NEXT. Make the investment in yourself and choose to live authentically!

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